Sassy Klassy Hair, a Customized Service for Making Hair Extension Dreams Come True

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Tue, Apr 23rd 2019, 21:40 | Careers

1888PressRelease - I create a customized service to help women with hair extensions and wigs. As a professional with experience in management, beauty and hospitality industries, I was frustrated with the overall process experience of purchasing hair extensions and wigs at the beauty supply stores. The hair industry is a billion dollars industry minority women make up the bulk of the consumers in this industry. Minority women should determine the way they are being serviced. A minority woman understands what another minority woman is looking for. I want to help women transform, feel confident and look better. I am and have always been passionate about the beauty and business. Combining my 2 loves was a no brainer.  I wanted to create an experience where clients could ask questions and receive personalized service. This hair extensions company is not about fancy packaging, the focus is the client. This is not the hair brand for everyone, I created this company with a membership option because my focus is my clients not in getting a bunch of people to buy or having a huge following on social media. I’m committed to providing a positive experience for my customers. I’m excited about making women’s hair dreams come true.