BIBI LED Offers Its R Series Rental LED Screen

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Sun, Feb 24th 2019, 13:15 | Advice

1888 Press Release - BIBI LED's is launching its R Series rental LED screen which is an energy-efficient product with slim aesthetic which makes it convenient to use anytime and anywhere. China – Bibi LED has finally opened the R series rental LED screen to the market. Interested parties can now start ordering this excellent rental LED screen. But what makes the R Series an excellent investment option? Let’s take a closer look at this rental LED screen. The R Series rental LED screen is first and foremost, an energy efficient LED screen. Its maximum and average power consumption is 800 and 250 W/m2 respectively. Plus, it has high precision and flatness of less than 0.1mm. That makes it an excellent display system. As an added bonus, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble that you practically don’t need a lot of people to handle it.  Another excellent quality of the R Series rental LED screens is their capability to be used either indoors or outdoors. No matter which one you choose, you will still be able to see a crystal clear image due to the way these LED screens are built.  As mentioned above, the R series is easy to assemble. That’s because each 500x500mm panel only weighs 7.4kg, while the 500x1000mm panels only weigh 14.8kg. They are light enough that even two men can install one LED display without any problems.  Benefits of Using The R Series Rental LED Screens Before you invest in this equipment, it is important to know what you will be getting from it. There are a lot of benefits when you use this LED screen. Here are some of them.  Easy installation and transportation - As was already mentioned above, these LED screens are easy to install. They are also easy to transport since they include a flight or road case upon purchase. These cases will ensure that these LED screens will be transported safely. Can be shaped to anything - Technology has progressed so much that you can now use flexible LED screens and shape them according to what you want. Adds flavor and flair to any event - When you attend an event that has LED screens, you can’t help but admire the event itself. That’s because it adds a luxurious feel to the event. Plus, it never fails to capture the audience’s attention. About Bibi LED BIBI LED Co Ltd is located in Shiyan Town, Bao'an district, Shenzhen, China. It is one of the leading LED screen products and solutions provider. Their aim is to offer high-performance products and professional services to overseas clients ONLY. They believe that earnestness, strictness, initiative, and effectiveness, are what’s needed in order to provide professional service to their customers worldwide. If you are looking to talk to one of their engineers, that’s very possible. It is included in their pre-sales service. These engineers will be able to reply to all of your questions and inquiries. They will also be able to provide an all-round solution for your projects and offer technical training as well. Their post-sales services include customized support, like sending spare parts in time, online support, on-site repair, and a whole lot more. BIBI LED is committed to doing everything they can to meet their customers’ requirements and needs. Their end goal is to ensure mutual benefit and long-term cooperation. BIBI LED will do whatever they can to support Green and Energy-saving policy. With the quality of their products, the trust of their customers and the service of their professional team, they guarantee that anyone who partners with them are sure to go further. For more information about BIBI LED and their products, you can reach them through the following details: Office number: +86 755-85288654 Whatsapp: +86 15399906913​ Email: info ( @ ) bibiled dot com Website: