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1888PressRelease - Alimorad Farshchian MD (born April 2, 1962) is a medical doctor, medical author and humanitarian in Miami Florida. He is director of The Center for Regenerative Medicine, which he founded in 2000 in order to pursue pioneering regimens in the treatment of arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases. In 2005 he performed the first autologous live cell transplantation into an arthritic knee in U.S.A. Miami, FL - The center's primary objective is to help patients to get back to a functional level of life and their activities using autologous stem cells. We have developed non-surgical and rehabilitation techniques focused on treatment and management of variety diseases. Our team includes health professionals organized around a central theme joint pain. The Center for Regenerative Medicine includes a team of dedicated professionals, with access to the cutting edge medical technology. Major players including Global icons, world champions, sports legends, Pro athletes, amateur athletes and dancers, come to the Center for regenerative medicine from around the world for non-surgical care, using our facility to improve their conditions. Farshchian earned his M.D. degree from Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia in 1987. The following year, he joined the research staff at the State University of New York in NY, and New York Research Foundation. He completed his internship at The University of Tennessee College of Medicine. In 1994, he relocated to Philadelphia and completed additional medical education in a program affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. He began his private medical practice in Hawaii in 1997. Two years later, he relocated to Miami. In 2000, he founded The Center for Regenerative Medicine. He received Board certification in 1997. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Treatment of Michael Jackson Farshchian is best known on a worldwide basis for his treatment of pop superstar Michael Jackson from April 2001 until December 2003. He initially treated Jackson for an ankle injury that hampered his ability to perform, but after a close personal friendship developed, Farshchian attempted to intervene and cure Jackson of his addiction to Demerol. Farshchian convinced Jackson and his family that an implant chip of the medication Naltrexone, which inhibits the effects of narcotics such as Demerol, could help the singer wean himself off Demerol. The treatment was successful. During his treatment, Jackson traveled multiple times to Miami, where he stayed in a private room created for him in Farshchian's garage. Farschian also visited Jackson and his family at the celebrity's Neverland Ranch in Southern California. Unfortunately, Jackson's use of the general anesthetic Propofol, administered by Dr. Conrad Murray, eventually led to his death on June 25, 2009. After Jackson's death, the Sheriff of Santa Maria, California, where Neverland Ranch was located, released to the public personal letters Farshchian had sent Jackson, pleading with him to fight his addiction to Demerol. One of the letters included a package that began Jackson detoxification therapy. In March 2003, Jackson and Farshchian zeroed in on the eight-story Victoria Medical Center, a health care condominium, located at 955 N.W. Third St., in the Little Havana area of Miami as a potential location for a planned ventilator hospital project called Michael Jackson international children's hospital. Optic Regeneration using iFarshchian Drops. Are you having visual problems? Have you been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy or Retinitis Pigmentosa? Or is your vision getting weaker as you are getting older? If yes, now there may be a way to improve the eyesight whether it is due to natural aging process or due to disease, with live cells. How is this helpful to me? At the Center for Regenerative Medicine, Optic Regeneration is a treatment for individuals who seek to enhance their eye vision capabilities. Optic Regeneration is a treatment for individuals whom seek to regenerate their eye vision capabilities. The human senses are our contact to the environment. ... By far the most important organs of sense are your eyes. You perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of sight. It’s the eyes that best protect you from danger. During an office visit, the physician, using the patient’s own cells, produces a customized cell therapy eye drop, specific to patients needs. Dr. Farshchian is a leader in the treatment threw Live Cell Therapy for many medical conditions:  Parkinson's Disease  Dementia Autism and Neuroregenesis Immunomodulation Shoulder Pain Back Pain Knee Joint http://www.arthritisusa.net/