How to detect the Fake from the Real

Shawn by Shawn James

Published Thu, Dec 6th 2018, 14:57 | Finance

Paystubs provide the firm and business owner required pay stubs template that can provide them with the actual figure of their employee’s valuable information and salaries. That’s why a lot of firm finds it difficult to maintain records of payroll for their employees. In today’s technology, it’s no shock that there are quite a few people who tend to lie about their real income by creating a fake paystub. Income fraud is the most natural fraud to accomplish or perform, and there had been many cases where people have created fake pay stub when applying for a used car loan but were later charged with loan fraud. Unfortunately, these income frauds have been growing tremendously, and are the hardest frauds for lenders to identify quickly. But it is not a tough task for those who know where and what to look for to identify a fake paystub. It’s the basic things that gave the secret away. Below are few points that anybody should look for in a pay stub as soon as they are presented with one: When accountants create pay stubs, they do it properly; means the digits should be arranged in a perfect line and according to various heads and columns, leaving no room for error or confusion.  A real pay stub is created by using accounting software while a fake one is more probably look like it was put together on Microsoft Word so that’s why the decimals too should be uniform in nature. If there is any kind of variation in the paystub, then more often than not, it is a fake one. Don’t miss to check the basic information like name, occupation, or date of birth.  While creating a fake stub the person generating it might make some small error like missing details and forgotten to replace the generic text. If there is any error, then it’s a fake one; as an accountant would typically spot these and rectify them before issuing the stub - but a fake stub generator wouldn't. A genuine paystub left no room for errors as it automatically populates with employees' information as stored in the company system. As the real check stub are created by the professional accountants, who just love numbers; If you're seeing too many numbers rounded to the nearest zero or figures that just don't look right, you need to make sure that you're not dealing with a fake as the accountant will do the estimations and roundups to the minimal. To check the quality of a fake pay stub on which it’s printed is also important. Look for the sign that makes it seem that it has been recreated or are the logo is exactly where it should be placed. One more thing for you to consider is for lines or fonts that don’t match up properly as it could be the possibility that before making a copy to submit with their application, the person typed the information on a separate piece of paper and then taped it to the form.


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