Data Control Technitic – Next Generation LiDAR to Gauge Velocity of Objects

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Sun, Nov 18th 2018, 11:40 | Technology

1888PressRelease - Data Control Technitic has revealed that its next generation LiDAR products will be capable of measuring the velocity of objects. Hong Kong-based LiDAR pioneer, Data Control Technitic says that its next generation of LiDAR sensors will be capable of measuring not only the presence of obstacles but also the speed at which they are moving. In what is thought to be the most detailed insight into the LiDAR aspect of the company’s next suite of products, Data Control Technitic’s Chief Technology Officer has revealed that FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) innovation will replace the current technology being used in the company’s sensors. Currently, its sensors use laser pulses to gather information about the surrounding environment but the company says that the next evolution will use a continuous beam of light that is reflected by objects in the same way.  According to the CTO, where the systems differ however, is that the evolution model will combine the refracted light and outgoing light and, by using some “rather clever, proprietary software”, will be able to determine the speed of objects that are in motion including pedestrians. “This is a game-changing development,” said Data Control Technitic’s Chief Technology Officer. “It’s a huge breakthrough for autonomous vehicles and their usability in urban settings. Combined with the next generation sensor’s class-leading resolution and the video cameras, we are confident our offering will set a new benchmark in this field,” he continued. Data Control Technitic says it believes the development means that autonomous vehicles will be able to operate more safely while also being less susceptible to interference from nearby LiDAR sensors in other vehicles. The company says that it is still on schedule to launch the sensors to the market in early 2019.