Spine Care Technologies Inc. and mdi Consultants Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Mon, Sep 17th 2018, 11:34 | Health

1888 Press Release - Spine Care Technologies will be partnering with mdi Consultants to change orthopedic healthcare. New York, NY - Spine Care Technologies Inc., headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, is pleased to announce its new strategic alliance with mdi Consultants, a leader in providing consulting services to the healthcare industry worldwide. Acknowledging mdi Consultants’ global expertise guiding medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food companies to achieve and enhance their compliance with U.S., European and Canadian regulations, Spine Care Technologies’ Roland Kiser, President & Chief Executive Officer stated “This new alliance will allow Spine Care Technologies to rapidly enhance and expand its product development and sales efforts globally.” Roland further commented that "This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and will help us to develop and deploy high quality and safe technologies to our global customers.” Alan Schwartz, Executive VP, mdi Consultants commented “We are happy to support Spine Care Technologies with all relevant regulatory efforts to include product review for government compliance, FDA, CMDCAS and CE Mark, preparation and application for registration, assistance in cGMP and ISO compliance and with US Agent/Official Correspondent services.“ In addition, the firm will also assist with Drug and Device Registration and Listings, and conduct mock FDA audits for Spine Care Technologies’ development and manufacturing establishment facilitated by lead auditors and experts to assure full compliance with FDA/QSR and cGMP, and assistance with ISO certifications”. Currently available in over 15 countries, the FDA-cleared Extentrac® Elite has a successful track record of effectiveness and safety in delivering non-surgical, drug-free, disc and spine care treatments for over 20 years. Health professionals worldwide have confirmed excellence in clinical outcomes in the management of low back pain in both private and hospital physical rehabilitation facilities through the utilization of Extentrac®. To learn more, visit www.spinecaretechnologies.com. About Spine Care Technologies Inc.: Spine Care Technologies is a medical technology equipment developer and manufacturer whose flagship product (Extentrac® Elite) has earned long-standing worldwide acclaim and recognition at pain management clinics and rehabilitation hospitals. The firm’s products provide relief for people who suffer from the disabling effects of acute and chronic back pain. For more information please visit: spinecaretechnologies.com About mdi Consultants Inc.: mdi Consultants Inc. is the leading provider of quality assurance, regulatory compliance and clinical services to the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. mdi Consultants, Inc., is a Medical Device Consulting, U.S. Agent, CE mark, ISO, Pharmaceutical and Quality Assurance, Regulatory Consulting company and Authorized Agent. For more information please visit: mdiconsultants.com