Aliens - The Unsolved Story of the World

Yog by Yog Choudhary

Published Tue, Aug 7th 2018, 13:30 | Science

There are many secretes in this universe & some of them are mysterious too. So here I’m going to explain some of them for your knowledge. Aliens are the biggest conspiracy on this planet & there are many theories & Philosophies comes from the different philosophers, scientists and researchers. Some says other things & some says other. One of the most common theory is that they are the civilian of any of our native planet. There are a huge numbers of the UFO siting. The area 51 is the most obvious place of UFOs. Apart from these theories, my one of the most favorite theory is that Aliens are the Human who use to come from future. As we all knows that due to the process of revolution, the less used body parts will be disappear. So these aliens are the future humans & looks so differs by the effects of revolution. They come because they want to aware us about the disasters going to happens in near future or there are some problems in the future which can be solved only by the some answers hidden in the past. They are well developed & high-tech because   they have invented the time machines which are able to fly in the any of the directions and we thought these time machines are UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Yes ! these UFOs are the great invention of  the future humans i.e. time machine. So this theory says the aliens are the future humans come for any specific reason. There is one more interested theory of these aliens i.e. The aliens are the reptilians, Reptilians are the creature lives under the earth in the deep of the earth where there is anther world for the reptiles. These reptiles are the mutants humans who are remains alive after the future disasters going to held soon. We have to be aware from these coming calamities & one of the best way is to aware is reading, You should gather the information about these things by the informational websites like Wikilistia & Wikipedia.  


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