How to craft a marketing strategy for your ICO


Published Fri, Aug 3rd 2018, 09:09 | Advertising

Over the last few years, the ICO industry has witnessed some significant surge. Billions of dollars have been raised through ICO sales and there have been hundreds of successful ICOs. It all seems like a cakewalk but it not easy to turn a new ICO into a rip roaring success. It takes some serious efforts and a smart marketing strategy. There are thousands of other ICOs that fail to make it and end up dead. There is fierce competition and you a marketing strategy that includes building a well-functioning website, having an impressive ICO white paper, building an ICO community on channels etc. If you have been considering creating a marketing strategy for you ICO, here are some components it should consist of:   Creating a cool website: A website marks the fundamental online presence of a business. It should have all the necessary information about that business that a consumer needs to make an informative purchase decision. Creating your website for ICO sale is your first step towards marketing it. As for business websites, customers are turned off by websites that are untidy, scattered-looking, has poor UI and loads slowly. To make sure investors are drawn to your ICO, you have to give them the impression that you are very professional. A tidy, well-organized, and fast-loading website with the right set of information in the right place creates that professional impression in the minds of investors.      Writing an impressive ICO white paper: A white paper is the face of your ICO project. It contains all the requisite technical and non-technical information that investors need to decide if your project is worth the investment or not. It should have a smooth tone and flow of the content that investors find informative as well as intriguing. In the industry, it is very common for ICOs to hire ICO white paper writing services. And it does seem sensible. To write your perfect ICO white paper, you need not only exceptional writing flair but also a good amount of experience in white paper writing. If you don’t possess such experience, your best option is to find and hire a freelance ICO white paper writer with the relevant experience. Building and managing an ICO community: Today, almost all ICOs need communities on social media channels like Facebook, Telegram (most popular platform among crypto-enthusiasts), Twitter, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, etc. Building such a community is a challenge and takes time and some serious efforts but you can reap the rewards at a later time. Once you have a full-fledged community, you need to find ways to manage it. This is where Telegram community management comes into the picture. It is about keeping a Telegram community free from spams, FUDs (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), and irrelevant promotional links. A well-managed community shows that the project is genuine and has the potential to grow and give huge returns on investment. Mostly, ICO companies outsource the crypto community management part to agencies that provide ICO community management services. It is better that way. Now with the community management being taken care of, the ICO company can now focus on various other aspects of their business like product development, partnerships, etc.                        


Sujit  is a content writer at Sixpl. He has written approx 350 articles on Blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency. He is also a ICO white paper writer and has written ICO white paper template. He has written 20 white paper on Blockchain, and 8 white paper on ICO.