How To Get The Most Out Of Corporate Gifting

aditi by aditi khanna

Published Mon, Jul 30th 2018, 21:06 | Advertising

Corporate gifting is a great practice to connect with customers and clients on a personal level. It reinforces the sense of mutual trust between the employer and the employee, the entrepreneur and the customer or client. If you have been planning on reaping the rewards of corporate gifting this holiday season, here are some tips that help you get the most out of it: 1. Take the perspective of the recipient into consideration: Before you go on the hunt for your corporate gifts items, consider the perspective of the receiver. It will give your gift more of a personal touch. Take a beat to think and question yourself if you would have liked the gift if your were in the receiver’s shoes. 2. Make it useful: There is no point in sending a gift, if it has zero usability for the person receiving it. Ideal gifts are the ones that the recipient can bring into their daily life use. People love gifts that either have a purpose or add value to their lives. So, make it as useful as you can. 3. Prefer quality over quantity: Always remember that the quality of gifts you give reflects not only your attitude towards the receiver but also your mindset. The corporate gifts items you give away have the potential to change your reputation, negatively as well as positively. Therefore, pick quality gifts for a few people instead of crummy gifts for many people. That way you get to keep your budget as well as your reputation. 4. Take various traditions into consideration: As you must already be aware that there are different traditions and rituals for gifting in different cultures. Take China for instance. If your recipient is Chinese, it will be inappropriate to send them a gift wrapped in white. It is because gifts wrapped in white are considered a symbol of death (which is not a good omen) in China. So, make sure you are familiar with any such traditions before you send personalised corporate gifts.           5. Deliver it yourself: We have been discussing how making your corporate gifting personal is important to reap greater rewards. And nothing gives gifts a personal tough more than delivering it to the recipient yourself. Although it take more of your time, make sure you deliver your gifts yourself.


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