My trip to Rajasthan: a mesmerizing experience

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Published Fri, Apr 27th 2018, 15:39 | Travel

Hello guys this blog is about my visit to India. I am Alex white, a travel freak from U.K. I go on several international trips every now & then. As I like to visit different places and understanding their culture and tradition. I know many of you don’t enjoy such liberty. Today the lifestyle has become so hectic that it’s not possible for everyone to enjoy such luxury of making foreign trips frequently. Time and money are the biggest roadblocks even if you are a real travel maniac. In contrast I am blessed to enjoy and explore the world so thought of sharing some of my experiences with you. It was a beautiful Friday morning Feb. 10th …where I landed up on Delhi’s international airport. Thanks to British airways for making my journey blissful. So after clearing my customs and immigration I came out of the airport and breathed my first air on Indian soil. People say that India is much polluted and cleanliness is null at some places but I didn’t felt any such thing. It was a winter morning and there was an amazing essence of freshness in the air. I had booking in a niche hotel in Delhi and reached my destination enjoying and scrutinizing the real urban India. Though I was eager to start with my Indian stint I preferred to rest till evening. Later in the evening I visited ‘Chandni-Chowk’ to enjoy the famous street food of India. Now my real journey began on 11th February. I went on Delhi-Darshan tour bus. The bus covers all the famous landmark of the capital of India. We started from Red fort at 9.30 in the morning and ended up on Akshardham temple at 5.45 in the evening. Visiting such landmarks was a very special feeling. Now I wanted to shop and enjoy the local food so stayed in Delhi for a couple of days. Then I headed up for Agra. It is just about 200 km away from Delhi. Tourists come here mainly for Taj Mahal-one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a beautiful monument. My next destination was Rajasthan, my primeval reason of visiting India. There are countless tourist places in Rajasthan. On first day I explored the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It is also known as the pink city and Paris of India. The city is listed among the top cities for tourist destinations in India. It is full of magnificent forts, gardens, museums and palaces. I visited in winter time so thankfully I didn’t have to bear much of heat. Otherwise it is said to be a very hot region in India during summer. Now my next destination was Nathdwara temple. It is a historic temple of Lord Krishna. It is always flooded with the pilgrims. Then I headed up for Udaipur that is another big city in Rajasthan. The city has many famous lakes and palaces. It is also called the lake city of India. I had planned to relax here for few more days. One of the locals suggested me to visit sardargarh. I had already visited all the famous tourist places in Rajasthan and I had a few more days so I thought of visiting there as well. The distance between sardargarh and Udaipur is just 90 Km. so I decided to travel by local bus and it was a nice experience. Sardargarh is basically ancient fort that is now running as a heritage hotel. Let me tell you something about it first though I didn’t know anything about the place I have to say it is one of the best tourist destinations in India. It is being managed by the ancestors of the king who had built the fort. Their hospitality in this heritage resort gives you the real feel of royalty. Sardargarh heritage hotel is providing some astounding views from inside and outside. The uniqueness about the place is that all the suites of the hotel are named after queens of its creator. Even the interior designing is also according to the queens’ demands. It is really a visual delight and I am sure many of my architect friends would have loved it. The management organizes very good activities like jeep safari, camp fire and some local folk dance. It also has a museum in it where we can see ancient ornaments, royal costumes, armaments and other antiques. Now it was the time for me to leave for my native. I wanted to stay longer at this beautiful place but I had already spent more than two weeks in India. I will surely come back to visit in India as it’s a very large country and there is still so much to explore. Lastly, I will conclude that Sardargarh heritage resort wasn’t in my initial plan but it proved to be the icing on the cake for my trip to India!!