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Published Thu, Jan 18th 2018, 12:54 | Hobbies

By Juhi Bansal Apologies for going missing these last few weeks. If you follow me on insta you know about all the interesting stuff that kept me busy last month. 2017 was a whirlwind of activity on all fronts whether it was CB, AU or personally. Here are a few things that stood out for me: (You can read ver 2017, ver 2016, ver 2015 and ver 2014 here). Amazing collaborations with super amazing partners. Urbanclap, Liva, Livon, Upasana, Nykaa and many more. My involvement at AU restricts the amount of projects I can take up in CB which forces me to pick and choose. I mostly use my judgement. Glad that the collaborations so far turned out well. Travel to new places like Seychelles, South Africa, Auroville, China and revisiting some goldie oldies like Little Rann, Pushkar and Gir (twice last year!) made this a super happy year wanderlust goals wise. Reinventing my projects at AU whether it was the Orientation week, project based learning or the Independent Study Period to make sure learning is as engaging as it is fruitful for students. Reading 30 odd books. (Catch my top 5 from 2018 here). So, well it is nothing like my feat last year when I read 50 books but I am happy I back on the reading horse. Workout journey. This has to be the best part of my 2017 highlights. I discovered a system to my madness, to my never ending quest of losing weight and eating right. I found the right trainer and a workout plan that motivated me enough to get to the gym every week. Also, finally got around to eating a full and balanced meal rather than just trying to fit my food into a calorie goal for the day. Watched lots and lots of Netflix. Okay I agree this doesn’t count as a productive item but I am such a TV buff and 2016 was a so-so year on that front. And, this is also the time K & I spend together, so this is really a win! Get some recos on my Insta. Met family, spent time with family, spent quality ME time (which wasn’t just eating empty calories), tried a lot of new cuisines and food items, survived without 2 cars (that’s a story for another day), laughed, partied (non-violently, it was rather sad) and generally had lots of fun. I am looking forward to 2018 but with no new resolutions. I hope I continue to read, travel, explore & experiment and workout right this year as well. Happy New Year 2018! Psst: I am loving winter layering in Ahmedabad.