5 Questions for Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennels

Diana by Diana Mead

Published Thu, Jan 11th 2018, 14:15 | Pets

Since Dog Boarding involves leaving your furry buddy at a strange location anywhere from a day to a week or two, choosing the best possible kennel can be an exhausting process. With so many possible pros and cons that each kennel has, you need to ensure that you have all the basic necessities covered for the kennel you choose to board your four-pawed pal in.   Here are 5 key questions to ask before you choose a dog boarding facility:   Question 1. Does the facility admit dogs that are not yet vaccinated? Any facility that admits dogs without checking if they’ve had their vaccines is not a professional one. A good kennel will do everything possible to ensure that all dogs are well cared for and safe from illnesses and injuries. So, if the kennel you visit does not ask you for your pet’s vaccination and medical records, you should probably keep looking.   Ask your vet ahead of time about what vaccines are necessary before leaving your buddy at a facility. Then check whether all these vaccines are also required as a standard by the boarding facility.   Question 2. This is the first time I’m boarding my furry buddy, how will he react? A great boarding facility will ask you to visit the facility with your pet to get him accustomed to the new environment before you leave. They will also request you to bring along your buddy’s favorite toys, feeding bowls and even his blanket. A good facility will make these requests simply to help your pet remain at ease in your absence. Since some pets could become stressed in unfamiliar surroundings, having a few familiar smells and items around him could be quite soothing. Additionally, having staff who are trained in animal behavior, is a great plus, since they will be able to properly care for a pet that seems to be under stress.   Question 3.How can I tell if a facility is a good one? When you visit a facility, the kennels and play areas should look clean and smell clean as well. Check their policies for vaccinations, schedules/daily routine, cleanliness, staff certifications, staff to dogs ratio (at least 1:15) space provided in each dog run, open play areas, indoor play areas etc.   Question 4.What kind of exercise will my pet get at a boarding facility? Some kennels have different care programs based on the fees. However every kennel should have a basic provision to walk your furry friend daily. Apart from this, depending on the breed and temperament of your four pawed pal, you could opt for more outdoor play time, play time with other dogs of similar size or for playtime only with toys.   Question 5.Should I bring my pet’s food and/or medicine along when leaving him at a kennel? A good kennel will take care of all your pal’s dietary needs. In general, if your little friend does not have any special dietary needs, you need not bring his food along. However, if he does require a special diet, inform your kennel, they should let you know if they can stock the special foods. If your pet is on medication, it’s best that you bring this along so that no mistakes are made. Ensure that you give clear instructions on the dose and time to administer your pet’s medications.   For more information about Dog Boarding Kennels and Dog Daycare Edmonton Please visit : Club Mead Pet Resort.


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