4 RV Supplies to Make Your RV Adventure more Relaxing

Bill by Bill Rowell

Published Thu, Jan 4th 2018, 13:38 | Autos

When out in your RV, cruising on the open road, being prepared always serves you best, even when on the most spontaneous and mysterious tar-trotting adventures. Having a few extra bells and whistles that add to your on-road adventure’s comfort level can provide an added sense of both security and relaxation, not to mention increasing the value of your trip investment.

At RVupgrades.com, RVers can find all of their essential RV needs in addition to a few must-have RV Supplies that will make for a smoother and more luxurious adventure. To give you an idea of what you can find on RVupgrades.com, we put together a list of some awesome accessories:

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV Android Tablet with GPS:
Being lost has its draw, but you can feel the safety and freedom to really roam with the Rand McNally OverDryve, which contains seemingly endless navigation features to make any road-trip adventure cruise smoothly. The device, which features a 7" 1280x800 resolution screen, comes equipped with the ability to record traffic incidents and your drive with a built-in dash cam. Manage and plan trips with the pre-installed TripMaker app and digital road atlas, enjoy music with the built-in speakers, and benefit from the ability to download your favorite apps, stream movies and more! Have your cake and eat it too with this amazing app for the wandering souls out there.

Carefree RV Awning Buena Vista Plus Room:
This spacious RV Awning Buena Vista Plus Room comes in a variety of sizes and is specifically designed to fit all brands of traditional and 12V awnings with corresponding vertical arms. Among its versatility, the Buena Vista Plus Room has enough space to entertain guests or to create a private sanctuary for relaxation. The featured clear, weather-view, zippered panels on the outside keep rain out and allow for users to enjoy the versatile room in all weather conditions. The awning packs up tight and fits in a convenient storage bag, which is also included. With less than 15 minutes required for set up time, the Buena Vista Plus room is an excellent addition to any trip.

Bigfoot Hydraulic Tongue Jacks:
Travelling doesn’t always go smoothly, so if you ever do face a hitch on the road, the BigFoot Hydraulic Tongue Jack makes hitching and unhitching your RV a breeze. The advanced hydraulic capabilities allow for four times faster hitching than electric units. BigFoot fits any A-frame style trailer tongue and carries an 8,000 lb. lifting capacity with an impressive 16” stroke. With the added 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty, you can be sure that the Bigfoot Jack will be there for you in your time of need, no matter what.

Meguiar's M5616 RV Pure Wax:
Keep your great investment just like new with Meguiar’s RV Pure Wax. For any RV enthusiast, this product is the perfect way to keep your vehicle beautiful and shining just-like-new while also keeping the paint safe from UV rays. Added fading prevention technologies grant your vehicle increased resistance to the sun. The durable high-gloss protection formula is made for all fiberglass gel coat vehicles and adds an extra level of protection that blends effortlessly with a Brazilian carnauba wax, silicone, and polymer resin to create and maintain a glossy shine. The effortless application is long-lasting and protects your vehicle for extended periods of sun and harsh weather exposure.

Whether looking for tools to protect and maintain your RV’s shine or seeking a handy new gadget to keep you on the right path, RVupgrades.com has all of these RV Supplies and more to keep your mobile home-away-from-home always adventure ready. To inquire about any of these aforementioned products contact us at (866) 332-7881 or visit our website to let us know how we can help.

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