How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive When You Are Away

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Published Sun, Dec 17th 2017, 11:10 | Environment

Sweet summertime is the season for residents of Philadelphia to clear out of The City of Brotherly Love and take the kids to a seaside location. Before you head out on holiday there is a list of preparations and tasks that keeps you preoccupied in the days leading up to vacation. Likely, you are thinking about what to pack, what time to arrive at the airport, what restaurants to eat at while you are away, and who will collect your mail.

One thing that may not have made the list is how to keep your indoor houseplants in Philadelphia alive while you are away. Many homeowners are cognizant that the heat and intense sunlight that Philadelphia gets over the summer could kill their outdoor plants, if they aren’t watered regularly, but the indoor house plants have a tendency to be overlooked. If you don’t want to arrive home to wilted greens, these tips can help.

If You Are Gone Around One Week
If you are leaving your indoor houseplants in Philadelphia unattended for a week to ten days, there is a good chance your plants can survive without intermediate care. However, you do need to execute certain steps before you leave for the trip. First, take the time to trim any mature plants before you leave. This will help the plants conserve water in your absence.

Second, do not make any drastic changes to the plants’ environment before you leave. Keep a consistent temperature in the home, ensure the plant will receive the normal amount of sunlight, and avoid repotting a plant immediately before you go. It’s hard to say how indoor houseplants in Philadelphia will respond to these types of environmental changes.

Lastly, make sure you water all of your plants thoroughly the night before you leave. This will give your plants the best chance of survival while you are away, but do not be tempted to overwater to compensate for your absence.

If You are Gone Around Two Weeks
If you are heading out on vacation for more than two weeks, you probably need to ask someone to stop by and water your house plants. A two week stint without water is certain to dry out the soil in all of your plant pots, no matter how careful you are with preparation for your trip. All you need is a neighbor or friend to stop by near the start of the second week and give your plants a refreshing drink of water.

It can help if you show this friend where each of your pots are located, and the right amount of water to give each while you are gone. Without some assistance, or installing a self-watering machine for your house plants, you will come home to droopy, unhealthy house plants upon your return to Philadelphia.

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