How To Store And Care For Your Seasonal Tires And Wheels

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Published Tue, Dec 12th 2017, 08:46 | Autos

Most people have two sets of tires and wheels to get them through each season. Some people refer to such as spares. Whatever name you decide to call it, this article will help you maintain them to serve you for a long time.

Here are 6 ways to ensure your wheels and tires are well taken care of:

Wash your wheels – a buildup of road grime and contaminants can degrade your wheels finishing when stored. To prevent this from happening, clean your wheels with water and mild detergent. Rinse off the detergent and allow the wheels to air-dry before storing them away.

Quick tip -It helps to have wheel adapter, tire wheel weights and wheel lug nuts in your vehicle should you need help with fixing your wheel at any point.

Clean/treat your tires – because tires are made of synthetic and natural rubbers, they are prone to drying out especially when stored away. This will result in cracks and dry rot that could lead to early replacement. So, before storing your tires, use a foaming tire cleaner or any liquid of your choice to get rid of any residue on the tires. After that, treat it with a silicon-based spray. Allow it to soak into the tire so that the tire remains rubber supple and free from dry rot. A quick tip – it helps to check for tire patches and tire valve stem caps before driving.

Ensure your tires are fully inflated – it is important to check the tire pressure before storing it away. When you place underinflated tires on a hard surface for some time, it could translate into thump when you want to use them again. Although thumps are not serious issues, but making sure your tires are fully inflated will help it maintain its round shape until they are ready for use.

Tag or mark your tires – to avoid getting a rotation schedule quicker than necessary, ensure that each tire is used in the same position it was on your vehicle before removing it to store away. You can use a grease pencil or any other thing to mark each time and the position they occupied.

Store your tires flat – stacking your tires up can create flat spots. They will also be susceptible to falling over. Instead, stack your tires and wheels horizontally. You can use plywood to protect them from having direct contact with the ground.

Bag and seal it up – after fully inflating, cleaning and dressing your tires, get a large heavy-duty lawn bag and slide it over each tire and seal with a tape. Doing so will enable you to check the tires periodically for air pressure. Bagging and sealing up your tires will also prevent the silicone tire dressing in the tire rubber from evaporating. That way, you will be able to protect your wheels from grime and dust and from accidental bumps. 


Seasonal tires and wheels get you ready for such a time when you need to get your vehicle ready for heavy duty. They are also a great way to make sure that your vehicle is ready for each season.

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