Add instagram in your marketing strategy in 2017

Annora by Annora Florence

Published Sat, Nov 18th 2017, 18:10 | Marketing

The era of marketing plans cast in stone have long passed with the old millennium and with the coming of the Internet age, a lot has since changed. Looking at the upsurge in the use of the social media, contemporary media campaigns have adopted newer models to make headways and attain the desired results.  

The design and operational model of Instagram have been overwhelmingly attractive to a large segment of social media users and this forms the basis for its adoption as a pivotal marketing strategy. Except you live in mars, you cannot ignore the power of Instagram marketing in today’s world. If you find that competition is breathing down your neck then you can buy Instagram followers to get ahead.

Here is a clear outline you must pay attention to in 2017:

1. The Sheer Number of Users

The Instagram user count will hit the 500M mark in August 2017 and in a nutshell, that’s a huge market in itself. Making an inroad for your product or service on this platform is possible without doubt, if you marshal out clear cut plans to make this a reality.

Anyone who offers a product or a service bears in mind the availability of a market and since Instagram has become so integrated into our way of life as part of the social media revolution, it is impossible to ignore it. Whether your business exists entirely online or is a brick and mortar shop, the mileage it offers is mind-boggling (

The carry-on effect of the Instagram platform is such that mainstream media have highlighted in recent times as it has become so pivotal for leisure and business purposes. While the initial attraction was entirely leisure, the platform has become so business –friendly that several consumer products and services have built their marketing strategy around it.

2. Images Remain Attractive

In a world where there are a lot of messages, ideas and challenges calling out for the attention of people everywhere, images are impossible to ignore. Instagram was built on the perception that images need to be posted to draw attention, followership, likes and shares.

Research reports have presented the facts on image marketing when compared with entirely text-based approach and the outcome points to the overwhelming merits of image-based messages. While reading through a text –based message is assured, the tendency for it to be overlooked is far higher when compared to the Image option.

Instagram has made the most of the attraction that images possess and a picture is likely to draw attention than a block of texts. Images present a hook that people easily accept and this leaves you with the option of presenting concise descriptions to make a difference in your marketing plan   

3. No Clear Competition Threat

Instagram is a social media outlet like Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. While Snapchat comes closest to it in terms of operational approach and overall effect on the user, it is still the market leader by miles. Instagram has monthly average usage by 500m people along with daily average usage by 300 million people. On the other hand, Snapchat has about 100 million average daily users.

There have been modifications to its operational plan with new features and themes introduced to make it more user-friendly. This has led to the introduction of sponsored posts which means you can now launch a marketing pitch officially using Instagram. So, it has become a formal marketing-friendly platform. (

The range of apps that have been introduced also makes it possible to customize your images without leaving the platform thereby making it a redefined platform with optimized UX. This opens the door for more users to be attracted to join its fold such that the marketing possibilities continue to expand in near-exponential fashion.

4. Its Facebook Synergy

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and there has been no apparent synergy between both that the user could notice until recent times. The introduction of the advertising platform developed for use on Facebook to Instagram since the last quarter of 2015 means that the synergy is now in effect.

The interest of millions of individual users and businesses has now been taken care of through the availability of the self-serving ad methodology on Instagram. Its ease of use is such that individuals who sell from their front-door can have access to the same market as multinational firms and dotting franchises.

The extent of the synergy between Facebook and Instagram cannot be entirely predicted thus far but the advantage surely swings towards the user. In this light, as a company, business or individual with products and services to pitch to the millions of Instagram users out there, the ball is in your court to explore the platform to your advantage.

5. The Millenials’ Magnet

While the baby boomers defined the last century in terms of common reference points and consumer outreach, the millenials have emerged as the group of attraction in this century. The millenials is commonly used to refer to people born between 1982 and 2002 who in today’s terms constitute at least 25 percent of the American population.


In terms of the market potential of the millennial class, they are reputed to contribute 28 percent of the proven discretionary purchase commonly made by consumers. The millenials form 48 million of the Instagram users in the U.S and on a global scale, 58 percent of them are active on Instagram.

Every business-focused organization recognizes the place of the young and the mobile in determining its fortunes. In this regard, having a central pool for such an agglomeration of millenials on a platform as Instagram makes it a marketer’s delight. It is simply inexcusable to overlook Instagram in your marketing plan for 2017 on this overwhelming premise.


As you plan for 2017, you need to identify what will be the perfect score for your business and begin to take steps to build it into your marketing strategy . Utilizing Instagram as the platform to reach out to new customers and consolidate on existing ones will be a best bet you cannot underestimate.