It’s not only about education, it’s about learning

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Published Thu, Nov 9th 2017, 14:39 | Education

Education is one of the four pillars of the society. For a better future of the individual & the country education plays a crucial role. It is very important that learning should not be confined to the syllabus, it should be boundless. The CBSE schools in Magarpatta Pune assure that your child learns beyond the horizon. They make sure that your child gains boundless knowledge to excel in their life. They craft learning opportunities, which would contribute to the holistic development of your child. Make sure that your child should get a proper environment to bask in under the care & teachings of true teachers.

Education should not only be meant to gain bookish knowledge, mug up few theories and pen down in the exam papers to pass the examination. It should be learnt, to retain for rest of the life. The schools in Magarpatta makes sure, that your child learn things with fun and not under pressure. Highly qualified teachers equipped with updated teaching methods makes learning more of an adventure than a practice. It itches the curiosity within the students, so that they look forward to know more. As a result this ensures the growth of a global citizen, than of just a student.

When you type ‘Schools in Magarpatta Pune’, you are provided with a list of schools in your vicinity. The list contains all the schools which have mushroomed in every corner of the city, as it has become a lucrative business. If the quality of education is flawless, then each penny spent is earned. But all that glitters is not gold, so it is essential to select a good school for your child, and unlock myriads of opportunities for him/her. A few small things can help you to select a good school amongst the available schools in Magarpatta Pune, some of them are:

  • At first decide the board in which you want to send your child.
  • Then talk to the parents in your neighbors, to get detail information about the schools. It will not only give you an opportunity to interact with a present student of the school, but it will also help you to get pure and unfiltered information about the institute.
  •  Make use of the internet and visit the online websites of the schools in Magarpatta to get more information about the school.
  • ·If possible visit the schools personally so that you get your queries cleared and have a physical vision of the institute yourself.
  • The schools must have a student-centric approach and should have a healthy teacher-student ratio.
  • They should have transparent fee structure.

If you ponder upon the aforesaid pointers, then you can take an informed decision. Remember school is very important part of a students’ life, it is responsible for his/her future. Mere education can bring degrees & figures but education with proper learning is an asset for lifetime. So make sure, that you give your child the best you can.

Some schools in Magarpatta Pune encourage children to explore the environment around them, through projects, which integrate Art, Craft, Technology, Music and Dance. Besides, the co-curricular activities are designed to develop each child's Fine Motor Skills and encourage Sensory Development.