Writing a Flawless Essay Assignment With the Help of Simple Tricks

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Published Tue, Oct 24th 2017, 17:17 | Education

At university, students’ learning is primarily assessed through written work. Students might also be asked to give oral presentations of their knowledge, but professors always put an emphasis on the written exercises such as essays, reports and term paper. At university, essay writing is one of the most common writing tasks. It is widely used by academics as writing an essay is a good way to assess students’ knowledge, thinking skills and in particular ‘higher order thinking skills’. So we have decided to dish out a few effective essay assignment writing tips that would help students ace the task.

A key to present well-reasoned argument

An essay argument is made up of a thesis statement, which usually finds its place at the end of the introduction along with a set of main ideas. So thesis statement happens to be the most important sentence of the essay. Writing an impactful thesis statement is the first step toward putting up an effective argument. If faced problem, students can avail essay help online services to understand the essentials of putting up a well-written argument. Alternatively, they can apply the tricks,

Ways to write a thesis statement

·         A thesis statement is always introduced with the words ‘the essay will argue…’ or ‘In this essay, I will argue…’ etc.      

·         A thesis statement always informs something (mainly what readers come to know in the essay)

·         It is important that students keep it short (not one paragraph long)

After stating the thesis statement, students need to elaborate the main points (already stated in the thesis statement). They also need to ensure that each point they explain reminds the readers of a thesis statement. Otherwise, students will lose track of the argument.

Write an impactful introduction:

Why is it so important? Because it is the first thing that readers see when start going through the paper. So it had to be perfect and effective. As readers are the most important part of essay writing  , they should get an incentive to read the essay. And that’s what the introduction is for. It gives the readers a clear and detailed map of what the essay is really about and a thesis statement to support the writer’s claims. Many students avail essay writing services to present an impactful introduction in writing,

How to craft a stellar essay introduction

·         Start with a sentence that instantly draws readers’ attention to the text. It can historical background of the topic, or just stating the importance the topic, or some aspects of the topics that are not very popular. It will show that the writer has a clear understanding of the subject.

·         The next group of sentences in the introduction reveal the main points which will be used to support the thesis statement. Each idea should be dealt with in a separate sentence rather than crowded in one long sentence.

·         The last sentence of the introduction is usually the thesis statement

Main points and paragraph structure:

These free tricks always help students to write a well-crafted essay. 


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