Can ceiling fans be mounted on angled or vaulted ceiling?

Dinesh by Dinesh Mittal

Published Mon, Oct 23rd 2017, 17:25 | Home Business

Ceiling fans are used in every household in our country and just not ours it is used in every developing country whose residents can afford it. This is a device which has become very important in our lives. With the developed countries totally depending on more sophisticated ways of air conditioning, the developing and the poor or the third world countries are left with fans to ward off the heat. Energy efficient fans do a very good at doing this work and they have as mentioned above become a household device in every home in our country. These are found nearly everywhere from office to godowns and attics to the living rooms you will find this device.

Ceiling fans as the name suggests is attached to the ceilings and if the ceilings are very as was the case with the older architecture they are brought down to a suitable level. Thus, the buildings that were built during the older era or which are built as per the older architecture they have very high ceilings and thus when the ceilings fans are installed they are installed using long down-rods which bring them down to a desirable and suitable level where it would be efficient and effective simultaneously.

When the ceiling fan is installed one should look out for these factors:

  • The fans are placed in the middle of the space so that it may have the maximum possible efficiency.
  • The ceiling of the place should also be kept in mind that whether the type of fan being installed could be installed or not.
  • The requirement of any extra addon available in the market for installation of the fan.
  • Safety measures for the lace and would the installation of the fan be safe for the place.

There are places where like the older architecture, the way of designing of the building causes a problem for the installation of a ceiling fan. There are places where there are sloping or slanting ceiling. Installation of a ceiling is very difficult at places which have sloping or slanted ceiling and not only that but there are also safety concerns because in modern architecture the ceilings are low and slanting ceilings are bound to come to a much lover heights and installing a ceiling fan may be dangerous in future. For safety purposes the ceiling at your homes should be at least 8 feet until and unless there is someone in your home more than 6 feet then it should be more than that.

But the one question that still confuses is that how to install fan in case of a slanting ceiling and can it be installed in the first place? Well with regard to the firs question yes it can be installed and there are many fans which have inbuilt structure which can handle up to 30 degrees of the inclination in the ceilings and can be installed very easily. But if the ceiling is more inclined than that then you might need some addons. There might be requirement of a special type of hardware because the usual one may not work and you might need inclination adapter.