How Australian Students Can Perfect Their Structure While Writing Essays Papers

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Published Mon, Oct 9th 2017, 14:50 | Education

Writing essays means creating a set of ideas in a coherent manner that compliments the writers’ intellect. The trail of ideas you present in your argument should make sense to readers. It only can be achieved if you create a successful structure of the ideas you plan to present in writing. Its structure predicts the success of best essay writing. Now the first thing that comes to your mind is - what is the set formula for essay structure? Frankly, there is no set formula for essay structure. But there are few guidelines that you need to follow while creating an essay structure.

Answering the question

Ask yourself the following questions while writing essay papers which your readers might ask you while encountering your thesis. If you don’t consider answering these questions, your thesis would be just an observation and fact, not an arguable claim.

‘What’ – The question that any reader would anticipate is ‘what’. What is the evidence that shows that the argument you are providing is true? To answer the question, you need to check what evidences you plan to involve that describe your argument as true. This ‘what’ sections mostly comes after the introduction part, where you first introduce your evidence. But remember, it should not take up more than one-third of your finished essay.

‘How’ – The next thing readers want to know is whether the claims you present in your argument are true in all cases. How does the thesis stand up to your counterargument? How does your introduction make the claim? Every essay should have a ‘how’ section usually placed after the ‘what’ section. If you want to put your counterargument in this ‘how’ section, it can be a good idea, but remember that counterargument may appear anywhere in the essay.

‘Why’ – At the end, the reader would want to know why does your interpretation of an analysis would to matter anyone other than you? This question requires you to demonstrate the larger implications of your thesis. In answering the question, you explain the significance of the subject. Although, you may respond to this question in brief in the introduction section, and rest you can explain in the conclusion part of the essay. If you leave this part, the reader will not get the sense of satisfaction after reading the essay.

This is how you should create an essay structure while involving all essential elements. In case, you find a hindrance or need more clarification regarding essay structure, you should hire professionals from a top essay writing company.

Problems in Creating an Essay Structure:

1.    A common mistake that students normally make is following the sources rather than making their own. Such essays normally have descriptive thesis rather than an argumentative one.

2.    Students sometimes time words like first, next, after then, in the opening sentence of paragraphs or listing words like also, another, in addition. Although, these kinds of words can be included anywhere in the essay, but at the opening it seems that essay structure needs more work.

3.    Students often just state example after example (in addition, the use of color indicate another way that to differentiate between good and evil). It is advisable that students should explain its significance and the purpose after stating them.

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