Microsoft Defends Edge’s Bad Selection of Extensions

Lena by Lena Smith

Published Thu, Oct 5th 2017, 14:56 | Technology

Microsoft, the tech giant brought a number of third-party extensions to its Edge browser last year. Since the launch, only 70 extensions have been made available for Edge. Approximately in the same period, Google brought nearly 10,000 extensions to its Chrome web store and the number has been increasing ever since. In a recent blog post, the tech giant has explained why Edge is lacking in terms of extensions. The company has clearly stated that we are focusing on bringing the quality extensions that delivers the users an amazing experience.

Microsoft accepted that the progress of these extensions has been slow in order to ensure quality control. Microsoft’s Colleen Williams wrote a blog post on company’s official blog stating that we have taken an intentionally metered approach as we embed new extensions. He also said that “Extensions are one of the important features in Edge or any other browser, and we have a high bar for quality”. As these extensions deal very closely to the browser, we have focused on security, performance and trustworthiness.


This is somehow true as Google Chrome has a number of extensions that are simply useless as well as unreliable in terms of quality and security. For most of them, user reviews has always been a rescue. These reviews help in figuring out which extension is poor and vice-versa. The main issue with Edge’s extensions is that they took so long to launch for the browser. In a blog post, Microsoft observed that users are complaining about the slow pace of the newly launched extensions.

Now, Microsoft is looking to bring improvement in Windows 10’s specialized browser by focusing on the development of Edge within an insider tester program. Like the other testing programs available for Windows 10, Microsoft Office and the Bing search engine, Microsoft is preparing an Edge insider program. Spotted by Microsoft Power User, the Bing email notes that Microsoft would like its users to participate in a survey to “determine your interest in making a Microsoft Edge insider program to let us improve Edge”.

This simply indicates that updates for the Edge are being tested and will be launched separately by Microsoft Support to the operating system updates. That is because work on the Edge is presently affected by the fact the latest features and tweaks are only launched as a part of the big OS updates. If this testing program is going to happen, it will be supposedly happen soon. This may even kick off in the middle of this month, which means it is just a week away!



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