Pharaoh Athletics: The Future of Athletic Footwear

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Sun, Feb 5th 2017, 10:40 | Sports

1888PressRelease - Crowdfunding Project in Aid of New Motion Controlled Footwear.

Sarasota-Bradenton, FL - Pharaoh Athletics, has come up with an innovative way to raise funds for their new Hyper Shoes, which are patent-pending motion-controlled footwear for athletes. Instead of the usual Crowdfunding incentives on offer, Pharaoh Athletics has created a range of high-quality products, including t-shirts, hats, hoodies and tank tops, for online purchase. All proceeds from the sales of the apparel will go towards Pharaoh Athletics' required target of $25,000 to make the first Hyper Shoes available for purchase.

Hyper Shoes motion-controlled footwear are designed for play and training on grass or turf and have been developed using technology that allows athletes to accelerate faster and expend less energy in the pursuit of their sport. The wearer benefits from improved body posture, balance and maneuverability, and receives added protection from ankle injuries when executing sideways moves, stopping, or changing direction.

Pharaoh Athletics are preparing to launch their Hyper Shoes late in 2017 with the proceeds from the sale of the Crowdfunding apparel. The designs of the apparel and the premium materials used in their manufacture mean that they are likely to appeal to trendy, sporty or professional individuals; those who are also likely to be interested in a technologically advanced, superior type of footwear for sports. Sportsmen, athletes and football fans are the audiences that are most likely to be interested in the Hyper Shoes. The next-generation sports shoes incorporate:

- A midsole chassis designed to hold the weight of the athlete and respond to extreme playing conditions

- Cushioned by a ball of inflated air, a heel designed to propel the wearer in forward motion

- A forefoot developed for stability and foot agility

- A front end that can rotate to provide better balance and movement

Walkers, joggers, runners, football and soccer players will benefit from the supportive and pioneering Hyper Shoes as well as setting a new bench-mark in style.

"We have merged art and technology to create something luxurious, aerodynamic, and superior on a performance level to an athletic shoe" said Mosimo Jones, C.E.O and Inventor of The Hyper Shoe. "As we start our journey, come join us to set a new bar for athletic footwear and continue a legacy that lives on in our spirit to conquer boundaries."

The Crowdfunding apparel is available from the Pharaoh Athletics website:

About Pharaoh Athletics
Sports clothing and footwear innovators, Pharaoh Athletics, are an established research and development company as well as a retailer of sports apparel. The Hyper Shoes are the creation of Founder Mosimo Jones; they have taken five years to develop and numerous patents to get the design right.