Best make up experience with silicone sponge

Jackie by Jackie Atkinson

Published Tue, Jan 24th 2017, 08:36 | Women's Issues

The fashion industry is taken over with the silicone sponge.This beauty sponge is rated superior to the regular sponge. It helps you to spread the makeup uniformly so that you do not waste any makeup. Since the sponge is non-porous, it will not soak the beauty products. One can carefully apply any product be it blender or concealer. It ensures that all of the makeup is onto your face and does not leave behind anything which is traditionally the case with brushes.

Still not sure if you should buy the silicone sponge? Here are some reasons why should have it at the earliest:

Even Skin Tone:

The primary concern of any beauty product user is even skin tone. No one likes patch skin and hence they use concealer or blenders. Using the conventional sponges or brushes might not give you the right effect. But, makeup with silicone sponge is easier as one can spread and get a uniformity all over the face and neck.

Easy Cleaning:

Everyone wants a healthy skin and hence follow rigorous care regimen. When it comes to brushes and other tools they get messy easily. And, they are difficult to clean. But, cleaning the éponge silicone is easy. All you need to do is wash with regular soap and water. If you have to use the product immediately, a simple rinse would do too.

Effective Detailing:

When you use makeup with the brushes or other tools, you will have to be very careful.But, silicone sponge offers a good grip to work efficiently on the entire face. One does not have to worry about working on tricky areas like under the eyes. It is because this sponge comes with a smooth finish. Thus, you can look natural.

Skin Friendly:

Any person who uses makeup will be carefully reading what it is made up of. People who are allergic to certain chemicals would specifically go through it. They are very cautious in choosing the sponges and brushes too.Any person with the most sensitive skin will find sili sponge safe. It is tested to be safe for people who are sensitive and hypoallergenic.


If you compare different beauty products with this silicone sponge, you will know it is priced well. Additionally, the sili sponge is reusable and sturdy. In simple words, you can use it for years. You will find extreme convenience to use the sponge. Imagine the amount of makeup you save from wasting every time you are using this sponge.

Overall, there are ample positive reviews for the sponge which makes it worth trying. A simple trial will help you understand how good the sponge is. You might not find the design too revolutionary. It is only when you begin using it, you will witness the change. This is why you should grab this sponge and see it for yourself.