Leveraging Marketing Automation for Effective Email Marketing

Nathan by Nathan Gabriel

Published Thu, Nov 24th 2016, 17:59 | Marketing

Marketing automation is one effective solution for brands to maintain a positive relationship with their customers without the tedious process.  In general, marketing automation takes the manual, laborious tasks and automates them. These can include lead nurturing, list segmentation, email marketing, performance measurement, analytics, and reporting, A/B testing, and contact management.  As a result, your employees can concentrate more on tasks that are important.


With email marketing automation, your team can work in a more organized manner and handle tasks more efficiently.  Email automation enables you to capture leads and drop the gathered information into your email campaigns.  From there, you can send emails to your prospects, track their responses, and monitor email activities including open and click rates.  


Aside from capturing leads, marketing automation can increase the impact and enhance the value of your content which results in well-informed customers.  It also helps you build a relationship with your leads, encourage repeat purchases, boost your conversion rates, and improve the overall customer experience.


Depending on your existing email subscribers and budget, you have several options in choosing an email marketing automation platform.  Below are some of the important features you should look for.


  • Lead nurturing and scoring functionality

  • Real-time reporting and helpful dashboard features

  • Easy integration with other automated marketing tools, particularly CRM and sales

  • Target market segmentation

  • Trigger campaign capability on multiple channels

  • Mobile Friendly


Although the aspects mentioned above do not give a comprehensive list, they provide a reliable guide if you're looking for an email automation platform.


How do you connect with your potential and existing customers? In any case, you might benefit from automating your email marketing and other communication channels.  Try it in one of your campaigns.  See for yourself how marketing automation can make your campaigns more systematic and boost the productivity of your workforce.