How To Improve Your Social Media Skills for Business

Razik by Razik Ali

Published Sat, Oct 15th 2016, 17:50 | Marketing

Social media is important to any business. Businesses in the Middle East and across the globe would clearly understand the effectiveness of social media marketing in today`s business world. They use social media to gain visibility for their business, improve sales, develop good and loyal customer relations and reduce marketing expenditure.

Social Media Training in Dubai

If you are running a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE and would like to develop brand awareness for your company, then it is ideal to have a good knowledge of social media skills. Undergoing social media training in Dubai from reputed social media agency will help you understand how to integrate social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram into your marketing communications and learn advanced tactics to build social relationships and engage customers  with your brand. You will understand the awesome power of advertising for improving sales and creating brand awareness.

Training sessions help you understand the benefits of LinkedIn, what type of videos to post on YouTube, how to generate leads from facebook.

Social Media Skills for your business

Use twitter to grow your audience

You need to create content that ignites and engages your audience. To build an audience in twitter, use twitter lists which are categorized by a special interest and geographic location where you can find relevant persons to follow. One of the apps in twitter to find and follow targeted users in every category, interest and field is twellow. You can also use twitter search prompts to expand your audience and reach to people who are seeking your products and services.

Community management

Top brands in social media have one thing in common and that is growing a community around them. You need to connect with your audience and grow a community where your audience will start creating user generated content. Your reach will grow to a large extent. Your top sharers are those who are constantly engaging with you and sharing your content on social media.

Relationship building

To connect with your audience, you have to connect with influencers. Relationship building is a important social media skill to develop. You need to identify and connect with influencers in your industry for more credibility, gain access to larger audiences, generate new leads and customers.

Engaging content

Survey says that people will unfollow a brand if the content is repetitive and boring, or if it posts too frequently on facebook or due to lack of engagement on twitter. You must consistently come up with creative campaigns to amplify your brand`s social media presence and stand out ahead of your competitors.

Creative writing

To write blog posts on social media or craft a tweet, good writing is a must have social media skill. You must have captivating and magnetic headlines to catch the attention of your users. Web content needs to be visually appealing with headings, bullet lists and shorter paragraphs.

Customer service

You should be able to interact with your customers on social media and resolve their issues quickly. Or else you may lose your business.

Analytical skills

You should have the data to prove that your social media strategy is working for your business like: your audience demographics, your posting habits, engagement and growth of your account.


This is a must have social media skill and companies should keep SEO practices along with their social media strategy together for best results.

Some professional Social Media and Digital marketing agencies in Dubai provide the best training to improve your skills that helps to use good techniques for your business growth.