Attract Valuable New Customers by Using Targeted SMS

Nathan by Nathan Gabriel

Published Thu, Sep 29th 2016, 17:32 | Marketing

SMS marketing is almost unparalleled when it comes to reaching potential customers quickly.  Just like other marketing campaigns, you begin by developing a solid customer base.  Here are a few ways text messaging can help build your list and give you the results you’re aiming for.


Why broadcast huge amounts of SMS nationwide when you can send more engaging and relevant messages?  Segment your list by zip code then send messages to customers based on their exact location.  For example, restaurants can send text promos to customers within 1-km radius during lunch hours.  Sending targeted SMS messages is a simple way to accomplish localized marketing without having to pay a hefty amount.  Another way is to use a specific keyword for every area where the customer registered.

Build Partnerships

Find businesses that cater to an identical market.  Forming a partnership with small businesses that offer complementary services not only nurtures a positive relationship with other business owners, it also helps you develop a client base.  This way, you can attract new customers from your text campaigns and still attract referrals from business partners.  For instance, a framing shop can offer free photo framing services to selected customers of a photography shop.  The stronger the partnership, the bigger the possibly of customers coming back.

Leverage Existing Channels

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, you can use your existing marketing channels to market your text marketing campaigns.  Introduce your SMS program through email, social media, in-store signages, direct mail, website, and other mediums.


Place your mobile information in places and through channels where you are presently coming in contact with your customers.  Your current marketing campaigns already have a loyal customer base.  Utilizing these existing channels places your SMS programs in front of individuals who already want to hear from you, thereby, ensuring that you are reaching the right customers.




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