Boost Your Digital Marketing Mix By Integrating SMS

Nathan by Nathan Gabriel

Published Fri, Sep 23rd 2016, 01:24 | Marketing

Customers today are investing more energy in computerized gadgets than ever before, resulting in an increase in online browsing, ticket purchases, shopping, and other online activities. This, likewise, implies that gaining your customer's interest can be a mind boggling process.

A successful digital marketing campaign entails carefully selecting from a list of available marketing strategies. The strategy you pick will rely on different variables including your budget, marketing group, and objectives.  The real challenge lies in finding quantifiable and powerful ways that work for your business and make it grow!

SMS can work well with the other channels in your existing digital marketing mix.  Although SMS is an ideal marketing and communication channel on it own, it can work well with different  channels like social media and email

Text messages have a high open rate.  More than 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.  SMS also eliminates having to deal with spam filters, thus ensuring that your messages are delivered instantly without any boundaries.

Text messaging can be used to send compelling and helpful text messages.  80% of a marketer's technique is consist of streamlining existing campaigns to promote exclusive deals, send coupons, and create reminders for customers when their account is almost due.  

SMS campaigns are an opt-in list, meaning the customers have already agreed to receive messages from you.  Companies can expect customers to be truly receptive to their messages and offers.  Generally, people only give phone numbers to persons they trust.  Opting-in only shows that customers are interested to hear more.  And they’ll be more receptive to a text message if it provides helpful information, savings, and rewards.

Another reason why digital marketing campaign needs to include text messaging into their current mix is that SMS is here to stay.  Many people prefer texting over phone calls.  Moreover, regardless of the abundance of messaging apps, many people still enjoy text messaging.