Add Value to Your Business and Consumer Experience With SMS

Nathan by Nathan Gabriel

Published Wed, Aug 24th 2016, 01:18 | Marketing

SMS campaigns, when done correctly, can have numerous benefits to businesses of any nature and size.  With an open rate of 95%-98%, text messaging can effectively promote products and services while keeping customers engaged.  It can also streamline business communications, improve customer service, and promote brand loyalty.  

Text messaging is not only used for selling.  Here are some ways SMS can add value to different businesses:

  • Doctors, dentists, and beauty spas can send appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

  • Banks can alert clients of fraudulent activities concerning their accounts

  • Travel and tours companies can provide customers travel details and flight cancellations

  • Sports organizations can engage fans and send up to the minute scores and team statistics

  • Retailers can give order status and delivery updates

  • Logistics and distribution can send and receive delivery updates, last minute instructions, or pick up information

  • Taxi operators can use SMS to communicate with drivers about traffic and weather updates

  • Schools can inform parents of early dismissals and upcoming school events.

The marketplace is becoming more and more activated.  Companies looking to save money on their marketing and customer service campaigns should consider utilizing SMS services.  A text messaging campaign is affordable, easy to set up, and has high ROI rates.  

Before diving into an SMS marketing campaign, it’s important to determine what your business is trying to achieve and decide how you can add value to your customers through SMS.  Whether it’s a promotional offer or a helpful tip, you have to ensure to deliver a relevant content, otherwise, you won’t succeed in gaining your customer's interest for very long.  

If you want customers to stick to your SMS campaign, you have to send out informative content that meets their needs.  Review your customer's data and find out what they want based on purchase patterns, demographics, and so on.

The success of your SMS campaign depends mostly on content and timing.  Customers are more likely to respond to useful and well thought out messages.  Sending personalized messages is also a great way to show your customers you care.  Ready to get started? Use SMS and add value to your services today.


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