Sonals Bijoux's Adwana Ruby Collection Features in the Latest Edition of Femina Brides

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Sun, Jul 17th 2016, 10:02 | Management

1888 PressRelease - Sonals Bijoux & Adwana launched its new designs Ruby" and "Red Hydro Stone Swarovski Crystal" in earrings.

Sonals Jewellery, India's leading designer jewellery portal yet again features in another reputed magazine - Femina Brides. In the latest edition of its paperback magazine, Femina Brides covered the Ruby Collection from Sonals Bijoux featuring some amazing pieces from the collection named "Timeless Rubies." The coverage gives a brief mention about the "Timeless Rubies" Collection from the Mumbai based brand, Sonals Bijoux & Adwana.

Femina is perhaps one of the most admired lifestyle magazines in India, and the latest edition of Femina Brides has a special section dedicated to exquisite "Timeless Rubies" collection, and, as expected, the crowning jewel in that section happens to be one from the house of Sonals Bijoux. The "Timeless Rubies" collection from incorporates rings, loop hoops and armlets adorned with gemstones like rubies and emeralds to help you to remember the eminence of upbeat celebrations. The dark red appeal of the rubies has dependably been ladies' top pick. The emanation that they add to their look is mind boggling. Remembering this current, Sonal's Bijoux curated an exciting collection of "Ageless Rubies" for its recognizing supporters. Set wonderfully in 18k white gold and studded with the finest precious stones and rubies sourced from all around the globe, this hypnotizing variety is a show of plushness. The red hot and charming ruby is a stone of respectability and is thought to be the most grand of all gemstones It is for a lady who knows how to take control and be in front of her group, the person who is driven and makes progress toward flawlessness.

This is not the first time Sonals Jewellery is featuring in a popular Indian magazine. The Mumbai based jewellery brand has been regularly picked as the most celebrated Indian designer jeweller. This time the "Timeless Rubies" collection has got a special mention from Femina Brides showing the brand's popularity in the Indian Jewellery market.

Launched in December 2010, Sonal's Bijoux & Adwana is a labour of love of husband-wife duo Adhish and Sonal Sahrawat. With a firm grounding in excellent creative concepts and the core values of fairness and equitable business practices, Sonal's Bijoux today stands proud as a shining beacon of what high end jewellery ought to be. Sonal's Bijoux is a unique amalgamation of Indian aesthetics and international trends. The focus on quality craftsmanship is clearly defined with craftsmen that are highly skilled and remunerated, for their skilful handling of precious metals and gemstones. With Sonal's, the creative mind behind the brand personally monitoring the entire process, the transition of designs from the drawing board into intricately crafted jewels is smooth and flawless.