Flight of the Gibbon Tree Planting Initiative a Major Success in Chiang Mai

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Wed, Jul 6th 2016, 12:40 | Advice

1888PressRelease - Flight of the Gibbon has commenced its eighth annual reforestation project this month in Chiang Mai. Planting over 6,000 trees in Mae Kampong village and Mae On. They hope too plant over 1,000,000 trees within the next 20 years.

Chiang Mai: Flight of the Gibbon's eighth annual tree planting initiative got underway in July with the first batch of trees being planted in Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai.

With help from the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU) of Chiang Mai University, trees were planted in a degraded area of land above Mae Kampong village with approval from the head of the village. The aim of the initiative is to plant 6,000 trees in 2016 as part of an annual scheme to reforest the surrounding area. Splitting the planting into two areas the first 5,000 trees will be planted above Mae Kampong village, secondly 1,000 trees will be planted in Mae On district with support from Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Association (CMRCA).

With 80-90% of trees surviving the 2015 initiative, Flight of the Gibbon's Director of Conservation, Mr. Demis Galli is hopeful of another successful tree planting event. "This is not just a token tree planting event to raise awareness for the company" said Mr Galli, "the long term aim is to create the first no hunting zone in the area and establish a healthy population of numerous keystone species such as the great hornbill". This can only be accomplished by first creating a large enough habitat in which to thrive. Even though the forests around Mae Kampong are generally in good condition we feel compelled in helping to eliminate any possible damaging factors such as fire and hunting.

The new tree planting area was carefully selected and upon approval the team worked with Chiang Mai University to provide saplings, ensuring that only indigenous species were chosen. 38 different species were chosen which includes; Yellow Stem Fig {Ficus fistulosa}, Mulberrie {Morus macroura} and Gamhar Saw {Gmelina arborea}.

The area in Mae On is the only area with a native population of Macaques and with support from CMRCA Flight of the Gibbon hopes to maintain their survival in this small patch of forest. 10 different indigenous species will be planted and grown for its various fruits that should provide a new source of food for the local primates.

Flight of the Gibbon has been undergoing this annual planting initiative since 2008 making this its eighth year running. Having so far planted 40,000 trees in total they have a goal to plant one million trees within the next 20 years.

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