Fyola Facial Brush Machine by Vita Activate Goes Live on TV

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Published Wed, Jun 8th 2016, 18:04 | Hobbies

(1888 PressRelease) Facial massage treatment is often offered at over hundreds of dollars per session at the beauty salon. Recently different facial massager machines have entered into the retail stores. What really stands out is the Fyola facial brush, which has gained attention from the TV show Balancing Act.

Sacramento, CA - Due to the spectacular feedback and amazing reviews received from the public, the Fyola facial brush by Vita Activate gets its own "part" in a live TV show broadcast in California. The facial brush's popularity comes mostly from middle aged women, who found it to be exactly what their complexion needs to turn back time and bring back a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

Balancing Act TV wants Fyola on their show
The Balancing Act TV show was convinced by the marvelous results of Fyola's cleansing and decided to make it known to the world by promoting on their live TV show. The show is going to tell viewers everything about Fyola and why it's worth the investment.

They will also show viewers how exactly Fyola works and explain why it is so popular among customers. This facial brush basically exfoliates the skin and allows face creams and serums to really do their magic. Without cleaning and exfoliation, the skin can't receive nutrients and hydrate properly.

Why is Fyola different than other facial brushes
This is a question that many have asked themselves, once the product was made available to the wide public, and all Fyola's customers have meanwhile find their answer. The facial brush cleans the skin with determination and ambition and, as a result of its thorough cleanse, the skin absorbs nutrients a lot easier. Moreover, the brush goes deeper and eliminates toxins that hide beneath the skin, this way assuring the perfect complexion for the hydration process.

One of the big differences that make Fyola such a popular choice among women who are searching for a professional, reliable and high quality facial brush is its affordable price. One of the main goals set by Vita Activate when launching this product was to place on the market a beauty device that can be bought by the majority of women. And Vita Activate succeeded in accomplishing this goal!

The best part about Fyola skin exfoliating machine, besides its absolutely remarkable capacity to help women have a beautiful complexion, is that it is easy to carry around due to its reduced dimensions. The facial brush is portable and has 4 different power levels, so it can easily be used at home.

Fyola facial massaging brush contributes to a radiant and healthy skin by exfoliating the complexion and allowing nutrients to be absorbed, without using any chemicals or abrasives. Each Fyola brush has 5200 soft, anti-bacterial bristles and a diameter of 0.5 mm. The facial brush guarantees 15000 rotations per minute and it is waterproof.

The entire Fyola cleaning routine takes less than 10 minutes, and the result are absolutely spectacular. That is why this facial brush is now on live television!

About Vita Activate
Fyola is a product launched by Vita Activate, a company specialized in beauty and wellness products. The company activates on the market since 2006 and is involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Vita Activate sells affordable beauty and health products, useful for customers of all ages. They deliver to North America and the delivery time is about four to six days.

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