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Published Sun, May 22nd 2016, 12:44 | Marketing

How can Blogger Campaign help in increasing your brand's visibility

Wish to grow your business? One sure way to do so, is to tap in to the influencer base that is making waves in the marketing scenario through blogging.

Experts in various fields have turned to reaching out to lay men to dispense their expertise through blogs, some of them have become household names and these are the bloggers you need to exploit so as to increase your brand’s visibility.

However, the key lies in identifying, which influencer or blogger is right for you. What is their following? What kind of information do they dispense? How do they reach out to people? Are they talking to your target audience.

You also have to work towards establishing a relationship with bloggers. Since you will not have the time to do so, and it helps to have more than one or two bloggers in your category on your side, it helps if you hire a professional to do this for you. At Vibaantta Group, we have a base of bloggers who are proficient in their field, have great followers and offer genuine information that people can actually use, thus bring your brand the publicity and visibility it needs.

However, you do have some part to play. This is where the brief comes in to play. You need to brief the blogger about what needs to be said, while they will go ahead and use their discretion, it could help giving them a starting point. Educate them about your brand, share sample products, find a story or hook that will help them use, promote and share  your product easily.

You could choose to partner with bloggers who share videos as well. A lot of people would spend their time watching a VLOG that reading a long blog article. Also pictures help. Make sure the bloggers you pick are friendly, not authoritative and are looking out for the success of your brand.

There are indeed a host of marketing mediums out there, but tying up with these key influencers through blogsphere is not only cost effective, but it helps you reach out to the right audience.

While bloggers are not in to analytics too much, it is important that you have some target in mind. Urge them to give you some numbers as conversions could be coming from anywhere and knowing where they are coming from could help you plan your marketing campaign better the next time around.

So, go ahead and invest in this space, it really works, people are blogging about it!


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