Savenia Unveils Award-Winning Solar Value Calculator

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Published Wed, Dec 9th 2015, 13:12 | Hobbies

1888PressRelease - 'CARFAX For Solar' - Savenia ratings help solar home sellers differentiate, sell faster, capture more value.

Bethesda, MD - Savenia Labs, an award winning provider of energy and environmental impact ratings today announced that its solar value calculator is now online and available in both free and Premium 'Verified' versions to solar home sellers, solar installers, Realtors and home or solar system buyers at Savenia rates solar homes in all 50 states from web, mobile and tablet devices. Premium customers receive independent, 3rd party 'Verified' Savenia Solar Rating labels and tailored marketing materials to be used at open houses, showings and online advertising to help differentiate a solar home, sell faster and capture more value.

Savenia Solar Ratings were developed to provide answers for the 70% of US solar homeowners that have up to now been excluded from existing valuation tools that ignore the full monetary benefits of leased solar systems and owned solar systems with incentive income (SRECs). Based on years of proprietary research and collaborations with the Department of Energy SunShot Catalyst program and the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Savenia Solar Ratings calculate the value of solar systems, regardless of how they were financed, and illuminate a growing MARKET that has been operating with little hard data.

"There has been so much innovation in the purchasing of residential solar systems, we want to bring that same excitement to the buyers of these solar homes," said John Jabara, Founder of Savenia Labs. "Savenia Ratings make a solar home more compelling for home buyers - and we think shining a light on the previously hidden value of efficiency features represents the future of home shopping."

Savenia Solar Ratings are the first to value all solar systems, regardless of how they were financed. This includes leases, pre-paid leases, PPA's (Power Purchase Agreements), owned systems with or without incentive income (SRECs) and loans that convey during sale. Savenia Premium 'Verified' Ratings come with a valuation guarantee that offers money back if system valuations are low.

Savenia Solar Ratings provide an independent, 3rd party view on value from a home-buyers perspective. Buyers trust independent information to make decisions on important purchases, and Savenia has won numerous awards from state, federal and non-profit organizations that align well with our mission in the provision of unbiased, reliable information.

About Savenia
Savenia helps Realtors, homeowners, builders and renovators unlock the value of home efficiency upgrades. Savenia provides home sellers with customized Home Rating Labels, marketing materials and online marketing to sell faster, provide higher client service and capture the full value of homes for sale. A two-time winner of the US Department of Energy SunShot program, Savenia has rated homes nationwide including The White House. For more information contact John Jabara at Savenia at (855)-SAVENIA or by email at info ( @ ) savenialabs dot com dot

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