Atlas Brew Works, Local Brewery Goes Green With Solar Solution

Donald by Donald Hood

Published Sun, Nov 15th 2015, 11:31 | Environment

1888 Press Release - Atlas Brew Works, a local DC brewery goes green by installing solar panels on its roof.

Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV - The next Atlas Brew Works beer you drink might be made with something besides hops, yeast, and water. The two-year-old DC brewery, best known for its District Common and Rowdy Rye ales, is about to become the first in the Washington region-and possibly a much wider radius-to draw 100 percent of its energy from the sun thanks to a Solar Lease Program offered by Solar Solution LLC, a local installer specializing in solar installations.

Making beer is an energy-intensive process, and switching to solar will enable Atlas to cut its power costs by 30 percent not to mention that it will be 100% from the solar panels located on its own roof. 

"Breweries in general are huge energy sucks," Justin Cox, owner of Atlas Brew Works says while standing on top of Atlas's Ivy City plant on West Virginia Avenue, Northeast. "We spend all day heating stuff up and cooling it down and keeping it cool. Brewing is full of environmentally conscious people but it's not a very environmentally-friendly business. Us and ski slopes get a pass."

"The lease program offers clients such as Atlas Brew Works with the ability to product its own power from clean energy. The lease option offered by Solar Solution allows customers to install a solar PV system with zero out of pocket costs while only paying for the power generated at approximately 30 to 40% off the current market rates" said Atta Kiarash, construction manager for solar solution.

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