Experience of a Gestational Surrogate Mother in Her Own Words

john by john smiyh

Published Sat, Jun 20th 2015, 06:07 | Family

For women who are giving a thought to become a surrogate mother by gestational surrogacy, it is always better to know the experiences of a surrogate mother and so here is the experience of Ivy MacCurtin of Richmond, Virginia in her own words.

I have three children of my own and I always loved to have more kids. However, I know that many women are not blessed like me. Hence, when after the birth of my third child, I told my husband about my eagerness to help a childless couple by becoming a gestational surrogate mother; he was not surprised at all!

After communicating my decision to my all family members, I immediately start my research online to get in touch with any surrogacy specialist. One day I stumbled on Meryl Rosenberg’s website, a surrogacy specialist who returns my call within no time and help me a lot in completing the application process. Within a few weeks, I get a call that she has got a possible match for me and to my surprise it was from Chile, South America.

Soon, I learn that geography is not of much consideration in match making and she even shared with me a picture of intended parents - Carla and Franco. Next were the psychological tests which actually I enjoyed and then the medical tests in a nearby fertility clinic in Maryland. Everything went smooth by God’s grace. Soon, Carla and Franco flew and reached Maryland to meet me. There was an interpreter present there to cut the communication barrier but since me and my husband know a little Spanish like their little knowledge of English, we communicate really well.

Just after six weeks, the embryo got transferred and in next five days, I was pregnant! Just imagine that the bless that I got from God has long overlooked the intended parents as they are making efforts to have a baby of their own from last 7 years and have spent a considerable amount of money.

When my baby bump became obvious, I called my little kids and told them the truth. After 8 weeks, my own doctor took care of the otherwise closely supervised pregnancy and was when I start experiencing labor pain at home, I informed Carla to reach hospital to meet me.   Finally, I delivered the baby and felt an immense satisfaction where there was no room for any sense of regret. In fact, I am planning to become a surrogate mother again!

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