Dolphin Swim Kona Big Island

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Published Tue, Jun 16th 2015, 12:14 | Sports

Morphing your ordinary holiday into an ultimate dolphin tour experience will surely be an unforgettable
memory.Whether you live in Texas or Nevada, you are never too far from the best dolphin tour in the
world – The Hawaii Dolphin Tour experience!

The Big Island dolphin tours and snorkel are recognized everywhere as one of the best in the world. The
presence of dolphins is always guaranteed! You can either view them from a boat or swim with them
into the ocean!

The warmth of the Pacific has produced whale migrations over the years, including the wild dolphins.
There are three most common types of dolphins that enthusiasts never fail to endeavor: the bottlenose,
the Risso’s and the Pacific white-sided dolphins.

Also, there is an ability for snorkeling at night! With the famous Hawaii Manta Ray Night Snorkel tour,
you can also see the ocean as never before – of course, with the presence of dolphins swimming near
you. The Kona dolphin swim tours are as well a necessity for many people.
Finding the perfect dolphin tour must suit your needs. Whether you aim on Big Island, Kona or Manta
Ray, the endeavor of the real beauties is always a must while sharing the water with these marvelous
smart creatures.

But, why exactly the Hawaii Dolphin Tour?

With experienced team members and snorkelers, we make swimming with dolphins a safe and
pleasurable experience! Getting close and friendly with these smart and marvelous creatures is a onetime
experience. And if done in Hawaii as one of their natural habitats, exploring the secrets of the
oceans will find its greatest meaning.

The glass bottomed catamaran is an asset of each excursion. It will both protect and let you see the
ocean at a glance, while swimming with dolphins. Simply - the underwater action is best described by
actually seeing it in front of your eyes!

Finally, getting a camera in the deep ocean is a must for every visitor of the dolphin tour in Hawaii.
Sharing the experience with the closest ones through the real-time images is always a great memory to



Melainah and Michael Yee are Captains/Owners of SunLight On Water. They met in 1998 when she first came to Hawaii to be with the Dolphins. Both are USCG licensed captains. If you are seeking in the Big Island Dolphin Snorkel there is no better tour operator than SunLight On Water with whom to experience these magnificent creatures. We invite you to book your trip today with Dolphin and Swim Kona Big Island to experience one of the most memorable days of your life.