Tips For Making Your Family Comfortable About You Becoming a Surrogate Mother

john by john smiyh

Published Sat, May 30th 2015, 12:44 | Family

Family support is of paramount importance for someone who has taken the decision to become a surrogate mother and surrogate agencies also take into consideration the fact that women applying for becoming a surrogate mother have their strong family support or not. Here are some tips to make them more understandable.

•  Communicate clearly - It is always advisable to talk openly with your spouse or significant other before the actual decision making as sharing your desire to help any childless couple with them will rule out any difference in future about the same. You should remember that your decision to become a surrogate mother is also going to have an enormous impact on their lives and you should hence clearly express all the concerns like pregnancy complications, need of regular medical check-ups, etc. to them. It is better to be sensitive to their point of view too before jumping into a decision.

•  Use facts to minimize insecurities - Your partner or family members may have many insecurities that you are going to carry baby of another male, but you should use facts to minimize these insecurities by reminding them that the baby is not genetically connected to you in any way and this is a clinical process of helping a couple longing for a child which can bring benefit to your family also.

•  Don’t hide from your kids - Include your kids even in discussion as they have the right to know and pregnancy is not a thing that you can hide from them. Once shared clearly that you are helping someone by giving birth to a child, they will surely become supportive and will respect your decision.

•  Refrain from creating false expectations - Explain your children that they are not getting any brother or sister for them and instead the baby to be born is of another woman who can’t bear a child. Always make it a point to use the most appropriate language to tell them the same.

•  Reassure your kids with love - Love your children during the entire pregnancy period as this will assure them that after birth of the little baby, your love for them is not going to diminish. Children often mistakenly start believing that their mother loves the baby more.

Pregnancy is an emotional overwhelming journey which becomes easy if you have your family support and becoming a surrogate mother is a generous act that should be applauded by your family.

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